Read Range cannot read sheet in excel


I’m having this kind of error every time the bot reads the excel sheets.
I’ll attach here the excel file and please check the “AR-Peso” format in Sheet name.
Is this an excel read range limitation and does not support this kind of format?

Thanks in advance

Accounts Receivable 2018.xlsx (3.4 MB)

Are you trying to read the complete data from that sheet.
I guess because of the image in that sheet is causing the issue.

Check this post in another thread -

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I tried to remove the picture but still the same. When I tried to copy and paste it to other sheet it works.

may i know which version of uipath u r using. and also the activities package version.
when i check in my machine it is working.
and i am able to read the excel sheet.

i am using uiptah studio 2018.3.2

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I am using Uipath 2018
Studio 2018.2.4
Enterprise Edition

can you share your sample XAML file along with JSON file

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ARtoSR.xaml (22.3 KB)
project.json (281 Bytes)

Thank you