Read Range: Could not read range . Uipath Studio

Read Range: Could not read range .


I’m getting this error message recently, this was working previously but now it’s showing up and I;m not able to figure out the reason

Trouble shooting i did:

  1. Changed excel file with new ones,
  2. No hidden rows
    3, Correct Naming for sheet
    4, Tried Read range work book, but the output is not getting completely, It is getting failed with UiPath getting closed with unexpected error code,
  3. Tried same thing in other machine
  4. All the values in excel are normal english letters and intergers

Please help this out some one!

Hello @Rahul_Srinivas , here are some tips to solve it:

  1. Check Excel File Format: Ensure that the Excel file you are trying to read is in a compatible format, such as .xlsx. Older formats like .xls might cause compatibility issues.
  2. Verify Excel Activities Package: Check if you are using the latest version of the UiPath.Excel.Activities package. Outdated packages may cause unexpected errors.
  3. Close Excel Before Reading: Make sure that Excel is closed before you attempt to read the file. Sometimes, if the file is already open in Excel, it can lead to conflicts.
  4. Use Workbook Activities: Instead of using Read Range activity, try using the Workbook activities to read the data from the Excel file. The Read Range activity may have limitations depending on the data structure.
  5. Check File Locks: Ensure that the Excel file is not open in another application or process that could cause file locks. File locks can prevent UiPath from accessing the file.
  6. Add Error Handling: Implement Try-Catch blocks around the Excel activities to catch any specific exceptions and log them to help identify the root cause.
  7. Test on Different Files: Create a new test Excel file with minimal data and see if the Read Range activity works without any errors. This can help isolate the issue to the specific file or workflow.
  8. Test on Different Machine: If possible, try running the process on a different machine to see if the issue is specific to the machine or installation.
  9. Enable Verbose Logging: Enable Verbose logging in UiPath Studio settings to get more detailed information about the error. This might provide additional clues about the cause of the problem.