Read Range: A column named '5000' already belongs to this DataTable

i am getting below error while running file on orchestrator. however, when i run the workflow on studio it runs fine.

Read Range: A column named ‘5000’ already belongs to this DataTable.

Do you still need the original column? If not, see below:

Step 1: Uncheck Add Headers property and use default columns created by bot
Step 2: Remove data column (‘Column7’)
Step 3: Use ‘Output’ Datatable to convert the datatable to string.
Step 4: Update top row with the 2nd row (actual column names) using the below:
Step 5: Insert Generate Datatable to convert the csv structure back to datatable.

Hopefully this helps,



Hi @Patel_Rushita

Make sure to unckeck “Has headers” unless you really need and in this case, make sure you are passing correct range to get the first row (headers)

If you don’t have a row headers, you can access the coluns using Index or auto populate name Column1, Column2, Column3 etc


You are trying to read a table that has 5000 as column header twice. Could you please share the snip of the excel file ?


Identify the second column name of ‘5000’ rename with a unique name.

Hi @Patel_Rushita ,
In your file have more than 1 column header is “5000”
you can check not get header only

hope it help