Read PDF with OCR from an Android mobile


I was wondering is there any way, to read some PDF files on an Android mobile, using uipath ?

Why UiPath, because they asked to use it for the same thing on computers but needs to do it on mobile too.

I know that UiPath works only on Windows. But is they any way, i mean realy any way to do it ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

hi @mz3bel ,
its a nice idea , but so that they have to build mobile studio or another platform for take those and i hope its not particle ,
but there are various ways and also another application having facility to send the pdf to uipath :EG : ABBYY mobile applications
you you can use it

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Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Thank you for ur response, can u tell more about ur idea? What do you mean by sending the pdf file from mobile?

Thank you

its like ABBYY Fine Scanner , you can OCR file your phone itself and send to what ever you need
The trail version you can download on Android store

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Thank you man! I ll try this and let u know…

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Hi @mz3bel,
you require a custom mobile application for reading pdf through mobile. after reading the text, rest of the operations can be done using UiPath.

  • Mobile application reads PDF using ocr and store text to Database/ Orchestrator
  • The job can be triggered after successful pdf extraction through mobile (use Orchestrator API)
  • the bot will pick data from Database/orchestrator and process

In case of mobile ocr application, you can use google’s text recognition api or abbyy ocr for better reading. Also try tesseract like free ocr libraries, if cost is a matter.



Thank you very much for u explanations. I will work on it, so that i unterstand how it works and let u know.


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