Read pdf with different formats

I want to read the different formats pdf and get particulate data from it.

@Aarti_Godhasara, Could you please be more specific on your question.

we have Read PDF activities which can extract text data from PDFs.
You can use them. If you wanted to get text from pictures inside PDFs then OCR readers available…

So, please explain more details about your requirement, forum would be able to help you!

Read the whole pdf using Read Pdf activity now i want to extract specific data from the output of read pdf activity.

for each PDF data… you will have specific format like, mandatory fields, symbols… etc…
these formats will be useful to make string manipulations.

So, please paste your PDF data hear… forum can help you to extract your data…

Invoice-221944.pdf (28.5 KB) Invoice-597503.pdf (8.4 KB)

i want invoice no and invoice id.

(?<=Invoice No.|Invoice ID: ).[0-9\s]* to get inivoice ID and Number!

just give this pattern in Matches Activity and loop through the regexoutput
and print like this Item.ToString

here is a sample workflow that will help you!
ReadPdfData.xaml (4.9 KB)
cheers @Aarti_Godhasara

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