Read PDF to populate certain fields in Excel

Hello All! I’m very new to Uipath and having a difficult time extracting certain fields from an PDF like an application. I’m only finding tutorials for invoice extracting that populates from a data table into column. but I just need certain fields to populate in certain fields in an excel file. I tried to Read PDF Text ->Write Text File and it didn’t quite come out as I expected. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


Could you please show the document and which keyword you want to extract . It will help me more


Hi! This is an example of the PDF form

The keywords would be “Given Name” , “Family Name”, etc

When you open the pdf and use studio to choose selectors, does it highlight the form fields? If so, you can use studio as normal. If it just highlights the whole document, then you need to move onto the Read PDF Text activity and use string manipulation to pull out the data.

Read PDF Text ONLY reads the whole document (or each page of the document). You can try playing with the settings to see which will give you the cleanest output. After finding the best output, you need to find the patterns in the PDF that allow you to extract the data as needed using string manipulation, regex, or other means.

I’m following ya…I’m going to give that a try. Thank you so much!