Read pdf text output text is generating duplicate data twice. Pls help me in this issue

While i am reading pdf using Read pdf text it is generating data twice

Hi @Lokesh_M2 ,

Could you let us know How many pages are there in the PDF and how you have implemented the workflow?

Total pages of pdf is 2
simple workflow i implemented like iterated files using for each and in side i use read pdf text activity.

@Lokesh_M2 ,

We’ll not be able to give a proper suggestion unless you’ll be able to show your workflow, But since there is a For Each Activity involved it would mean there is something wrong with the loop parts or the file itself has the same data and that is why it is repeated twice.

However, do a cross check with Individual files and you could get to know where the issue is at.

Additionally you could perform a Debug and then check at each stage what are the intermediate values.

Also, How do you get to know that the Data is being repeated twice ? Are you writing the data to a text file ? Are there two or more files created ? Do you have multiple PDFs to be read or just a single PDF ?

Hello @Lokesh_M2 , there is no need of for each loop , use read pdf text activity ,assign the variable in the properties of it . And then check by writing it .
Try this code …
Main.xaml (21.0 KB)