Read only emails w specific keyword in the subject

Hello Everybody,

I created a code that should read through 4 different email inboxes and move all emails containing a specific keyword and after that save all attachments to the folder relating to the keyword.

To do so I iterate first through the rows of a datatable and store the keyword, the inbox address, the folder path in variables. Then I use these variables to read through the emails and to identify the subject.

From everything I find here, my code makes perfect sense. However, if I run the code it saves only a few emails and in random folders (can’t see the logic behind).

I would be very happy if somebody could look at my code and tell me where it might be weak.

Thank you very much!


EmailContains.xaml (33.0 KB)

Your get email activity is set to Top 100 - is that possibly limiting the results?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply. That might be something to consider.

However it won’t solve my problem since I have in my inbox around 10 emails for testing purposes and it doesn’t even work for them.


it seems that you loop through your mailmessagesJE but still take the the very first MailMessage item when saving attachments and moving the message:

If you want to use the actual mail that is true with mail.Subject.Contains(strCompanyCode) then just add ‘mail’ in the properties.


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Thank you so much that solved my problem