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Hello, I have problem reading excel of 250k of rows, I have some logic that I build to get a list of string similarity. I use Excel Application Scope and visible is False however its not even working even after 2 hours. My Studio version is 2023.4 and most of the marketplace packages are not appeared in my ‘Manage Packages’ or not compatible.


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Try installing oledb drivers and use excel as db and read the data

Apart crom that if you are reading a chunk of data is it allowing you to read? If so read in chunks and then merge

Also you can include the use excel file inside a excel process scope and play with the options there where you have option to select automation instead of application which would be little faster



How about the latest UseEcelFile and ReadRangeX with RawValue option and without Visible row only option?


Hmmm, its still taking forever to complete using this

I have tried to read by chunks and merge it and it is working!

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