Can we process DOCX files using Document Understanding?

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we are able to extract information from images and pdfs using Document understanding, but when we are trying to extract the information from a word document format we are facing some issues. It is raising an exception, i.e…, “Present Validation Station: Error validating document: pdf-PDF-Invoice3-1.”

Kindly lets us know your ideas. Thanks for your response.

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Sathwik Reddy.

Hy @Chinthala_Sathwik_Reddy, welcome to the UiPath Community

Could you try converting you Word document and then run the Doc Understanding?


Hi @William_Blech_Sister, Thanks for your response. I really appreciate your time.

We can convert the docx to pdf or any other format and can process it, but we want to know weather document understand supports docx type or not.

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I believe you answered the question by yourself lol.
At least at the moment it does not work :frowning:

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Thanks for your ideas @William_Blech_Sister. Not to hurt you are anything but i would like to confirm it with few more people ideas. Thank you so much and have a grate day.

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