I have a scanned PDF file (Images) and I want to read the contents of this file.
I used “Read PDF With OCR” but the result is not good.

Do you have a solution for this problem (see PJ).

WolfsbergQuestionnaire2018.pdf (401.7 KB)

thank you in advance

if we have a licensed version of adobe reader then we can conver that pdf file to a doc file
–then we can use our WORD activities like WORD APPLICATION SCOPE and READ TEXT activity which will give us exact details

Cheers @Ala_Abouda

thank you for your reply, but the problem in the PDF file we have only images (text on image)

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no worries it will get read when converted

So with Adobe Reader pro, we can read text in image ?

no on converting it to a doc file and then reading it with WORD ACTIVITIES here in our uipath would do the trick

the problem my input is a PDF file with scanned documents (Images) and I have to read the contents. so if I understood correctly it is impossible to recover the contents of a pdf file (the text is an image).

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yah its absolutely possible
when we convert that scanned pdf to doc file (not docx) using EXPORT PDF option in a licensed version of pdf reader then by using word activities we can read the data in that pdf
with small changes in alignment alone (not with data)
i have used this earlier in one of my process

Cheers @Ala_Abouda