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I have a list of file names in pdf into an excel, I would want to upload them into a website one after another. I have created a datatable with all the file names from a folder into them. Next step is to run a For Each row in data table, copy file path and name from the row paste into a browse option coming in a website. Please help.

@Ramesh_Ayyagari No need to create dataTable. You can directly get files from folder. Follow Below steps.

  1. Use below command to get files in that directory and assign output to string array.

     Directory.GetFiles("Ur folder path") 
  2. use for each to get files along with path. Give that variable to where u required to upload the files.


Thanks Manju,

to give you details. I have a folder called D:\UIPATH i have around 30 PDF files in them. Alternatively I would have to open a web browser and upload image one after the other. Its like Browse > Select File > Ok.

So i used Directory.GetFiles(“D:\Uipath”) and assigned a variable called Tabula as a String. Now I would want to go into browser and when i click browse i get a open file dialog box. What would be the variable i would be giving here. I converted the Tabula variable into Tabula.ToString. Let me know if this is correct



Give the variable marked in red, U can also change that variable.

Change also typeArgument to string type in properties section.

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UOP_Project_0.9.xaml (24.6 KB)

@Manjuts90 - I have uploaded the XAML file for your refrence. Please checl and let me know where i am going wrong.

@Ramesh_Ayyagari I have disabled some activities in workflow. Run the workflow and let me. In Between why you adding files to datatable?.

UOP_Project_0.9.xaml (26.9 KB)

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Thanks a tom @Manjuts90 0 EVen I have figured out the item.Tostring to get this done. I am a newbie and learning and hence few issues and unecessary steps.

The idea to write in the data table was to check the number of images on emails vs number of files downloaded.

Thanks again for your help.

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