Read Excel sheet to data table without excel application scope activity


How can I read data from Excel sheet into data table without using excel application scope and Read range activity?


Use Read Range activity from Workbook Category

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I can not use read range activity, I wrote it in the question


Then you can use Excel as a Database

For more reference you can check below post

Once connected

You can use Execute query to get the data to datatable

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I made this robot and it works on my notebook. However, I sent it to my client and it was installed on the server where Excel is not installed. Can someone help please. The robot reads every month a folder with more than 300 xlsx files where each file has more than 500 lines, runs a select and the result is saved in a CSV file.
Again, it works on my notebook and the client just doesn’t work because it doesn’t have Excel installed. Attached is the .xaml fileSelect_Acsel.xaml (23.7 KB)

without excel you can read only .xlsx files. Uncheck the visible parameter and try using system read range activity not in excel scope

Hi, I’m trying to create a workflow in Uipath which gets triggered whenever a new row is added to an existing Excel file. Any idea how to do that? The excel file is integrated with google dialogflow, and a new row is added to the excel file whenever a user interacts with the chatbot.

You can use Python for it. Python has a package pandas. Just like Read Range it can read excel file and store it in a Data Frame variable (like Data Table). You can perform various operation on Data Frame like creating pivot, filtering table (from simple to complex tasks) and can save the Data Frame back to excel file or csv file (whatever you require)