Read Excel>search for file>open>read Column value> write the value in output file>

open excel read a column which contains file name then open that file read a column print the value in output file

Could anyone help me with this?

which file it is? is it another excel or text file?

Hey Sarathi,

Thank for for the quick reply. yes it is an excel file


Assumed your output file is a text file and generated this xaml, check this one
ReadExcelFiles.xaml (6.5 KB)

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Thank you very much, i am checking. will update on this

It is showing an error… activity is either missing or could not be loaded


Sorry, I am using latest uipath studio 2019.9.2

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<html title='Consumer Durable, IT and Mobile Accessories, Smartphones, TVs, R*' />

Extract Structured Data ‘DIV store-location’
"<extract><column attr='text' name='Column1' exact='1'><webctrl class='address-box' tag='div' /></column></extract>"
<webctrl id='store-location' tag='DIV' />

This is different! i mean this is for data scraping but here i am trying to read files names from excel and then searching and opening them one by one