Read excel cell and interact on webpage

You should do the free UiPath classes on their web site. These are basic things. You have to learn what selectors are and how they work, it’s one of the most important things to understand.

sorry still trying to grasp everything so where on that area should i put the input you wrote.

do i put it into fuzzy selector

how do you replace aaname, i am trying to but the element is vaild then

Plz watch the video which I have shared earlier. From there you can understand how to make a selector dynamic.

the video does not show how i can properply chnage the aaname to a the string

can someone step by step show me how to do this for excel

when i input your thing its not vaildating

It won’t validate, it has no value for CurrentRow. Just run/debug it.

it worked just have to paste it into expression editor

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