Read excel and download data for every single person from excel

Ola, I have a question. I have excel document with clients. I read that document and then I need for each row(client) go on browser and with id number download new document for every person specific. How can I do that? I only miss that part where my robot will know that he need download document for each person, not only for the first one. I put in excel application scope read range and read for each row, but isn’t working. Please help me

As per my understanding…
In for each row assign value ie row(“Client Name”).tostring {If search by using Client name if other then use that column name} to varible nd then use it in the browser for search. in for each loop only u need to do the things for single client.once one loop completed it will take second row value ie client name .

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Okej, i get that all but this is a little sub process and its working but only for one person. If I put for each loop in browser, but the robot always take just a first one , how can I tell him to take now row every time time?

The process which is going to be repeat for each person should be inside loop,
so for every row it will perform the same
and one more thing to remember the last stage of loop will need to bring it back to first so it will not stuck.
Hope u get

I do that but again it’s just first person. I don’t understand why

Can u share ur xaml file so i can review it

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I only can do give you like this I can’t give you a excel file.
Proba_2.xaml (72.6 KB)

Hello but you have not used the open browser inside for each row…

but when I put it. It’s the some. Just working for first person.

Thats not possible u might misses someting over there
u need to pass variable inside this loop
like row(0).tostring in fields of that site

as i see you have pass value in for each row but you havent use open browser inside the for each row
u should use it inside that and then only it will iterate

have u got solution?

Yes I did with i+1 assign and in Flow Decision I set counter, and it’s working.

have u use browser inside for each row???

No, I didn’t. Isn’t working on that way

No issue !!!
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