How to read Column value without header and add to different fields


I have this data in sheet1 and I have no column header.
how to extract data without using a loop funtion and pass into 3 differnt field.

Startdate value from B1 passes on 1st field
Stopdate valuefrom B3 passes on 2 field
Name valuefrom B2 passes on 3nd field

appricate if someone can tell how to read the field name “startdate” and then select value.
can someone help…


You can use read cell activity, Create a variable to save the output and pass the variable as per requirement.

Hope this helps!

can you send an example? Im trying but no success


Is Excel file format fixed ? And also is it contains only 3 rows of data ?

no its contains 17 rows with description in A and value in B.

Try this Sand.xaml (9.1 KB)

It stores the Excel table to a dataTable, then uses ‘Lookup Data Table’ activity to find where each value is.

For example, it checks the first column for “Startdate”, and then pulls the value next to it in the second column, then stores that value in the variable ‘startDate’.