Encode utf-8 csv

Hello community i’m facing the next problem, i download a csv from internet so when i read it and print it i see this


the rare element is a accented vowel when i write the csv should i apear á é í ó or ú depending the case so in this case is it necesary to specify encoding propertie to read csv activity? and wich one and how shoul i use ?

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Searching i found this :slight_smile:

so inside encode property of my read CSV

i declared a new variable called encode

and last and very important as value i check in the first link and copy the value from the Name field and assign to mi variable “encode” (of course you use the want that works for you)

in my case was “iso-8859-15” (Latin 9 (ISO))

and my results after write a new csv (and assign the encode to):