Read CSV not working

I am trying to read a csv file but keeps throwing an error that csv is in invalid format, even though it is not.

When I do save as and save it as csvn again, it works. However, I cant keep doing this because I have over 2k csv files to go through.

Any advice would be helpful


Try changing the delimiter to any , other than the existing. May be issue with the delimiter

how do I do that

and I would have to do that for every file, again I have over2k

You can change the delimiter in here


You also can open your csv file with notepad and make sure which delimiter is being used.

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Hello @Sami_Syed,
This post may be relevant to your issue.

How can I delete rows with this approach?

Ive already increased the size and still I ma getiting the same problem

Hi @Sami_Syed, can you attached a sample of your csv here?

it wont let me attatch it here

Is it opening when we try to open it manually
Cheers @Sami_Syed

Yes it is but a message comes up that says “the file format and extension of 4757.csv dont match. the file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust its source, dont open it. Do you want to open it anyway?”

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Try to open the file manually in notepad and post a screenshot if possible. I believe you are getting this error when you open the file in Excel. Correct?

That’s the reason why we aren’t able to open with uipath as well
Fine do the csv file has any column named ID
If so kindly surround it with double quotes like this “ID” and try once reading manually and if that works it will open by uipath as well
Cheers @Sami_Syed

The problem is I have over 4k files. I cant do this for each one. Is there any workaround to maybe get excel to stop making this message come up?

Unless we change that column name we won’t be able to access them buddy
Do we have any such column first
Let’s confirm that and will try with the next move
Kindly check that once
Cheers @Sami_Syed

Yes we do :frowning:

Then we need to replace it and then only we can avoid this error
kindly let the people who created this file
i think we must be getting from some portal as you are saying more 1k files which would have not been prepared by a human
Kindly check whether that can be changed
if not lets check what to do further
Cheers @Sami_Syed

Worked for me. Thanks