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Setup & Licensing Questions about the Installation and licensing of UiPath Studio and Robots. Bug Reports If you encountered a <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_bug">bug</a> in UiPath software, describe it here and let us fix it Orchestrator Category for all of your questions about the <a href="http://platform.uipath.com">Orchestrator Community Edition</a>. Anybody with Studio CE can now have their own <strong>free</strong> Orchestrator and two free/CE robots can be connected to it. RPA Challenge Weekly automation challenge. Answer. We’ll count.<br> Please attach the workflow. Apps Starting this category for sharing your experience with automating different apps and UI Frameworks. Hackathons Category settings:<br> – only Forum staff can create new topics<br> – everyone can reply Scale Discussions about large scale implementations, development frameworks, release management
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