Csv why I can not open the file


I can not read this csv, any idea why?
PO4501891167 .zip (875 Bytes)


Hey @niteckam

Are you using it after unzipping?
If not then please try that

Hi @niteckam,

For opening Csv you can try using start process.


and then try using read csv activity to read csv data and add into datatable.

Hope it will works, if works mark as solution.



Unzip the file and use ReadCSV activity.


I zipped the file to upload to forum…
When Im using ready csv I have an error invalid format

Make sure your csv is in fact comma delimited. I have had an issue when I download an csv file and try to read it, it does not work unless I open it first then save it. Not sure if it is an excel issue.

When I look at this file it is comma delimited format however still can not open using read csv
Maybe I can use read text file, however then I do not know how to store my date in datatable format. I need row 3 as headers and row 5 (can have more) and my row with date.