Could not find 'Read CSV' activity


I couldn’t find ‘Read CSV’ activity in my UiStudio, even under available packages.

I’m Using UiPath Studio Community 2017.1.6309

Lesson 3 - Practice 2: Missing instructions
Read cvs

Try installing this package

CsvHelper. (353.2 KB)

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Community Edition missing Read CSV activity

Thanks. I tried adding the package by following the instruction here but it just display ‘No packages found’.


Uncheck “Filter Activities” check box located at the bottom left.

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Thanks, I got it installed. But when I tried to search the activity in the activity panel, it still displays ‘No results found’.

I’ve restarted UiPath, just in case.


Any updates on this? I am facing the same challenge here as well.


Can you try installing the Excel package and see if the Read CSV activity appears? I faced the same problem and installing the Excel package solved the issue.


Any new on this I am encountering the same problem


Sorry I missed sanghapriyab’s post. The suggestion to install the Excel package looks like has worked I can now see Read CSV

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+1 to installing the Excel Package


That’s very helpful
Thank you…


yes, that really works
thannk you




Please follow below tutorial,


How to work out

This works for me also, thank you!


Thanks first I installed CSV Helper… but installing this Excel library solved the problem for me :+1:


You need to search,as when you scroll through All Available packages you may get interpretation that only mentioned packages are available as pagination is not much explanatory.


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