Could not find 'Read CSV' activity

I couldn’t find ‘Read CSV’ activity in my UiStudio, even under available packages.

I’m Using UiPath Studio Community 2017.1.6309


Try installing this package

CsvHelper. (353.2 KB)

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Thanks. I tried adding the package by following the instruction here Get Help from UiPath Support Services | UiPath but it just display ‘No packages found’.

Uncheck “Filter Activities” check box located at the bottom left.

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Thanks, I got it installed. But when I tried to search the activity in the activity panel, it still displays ‘No results found’.

I’ve restarted UiPath, just in case.

Any updates on this? I am facing the same challenge here as well.

Can you try installing the Excel package and see if the Read CSV activity appears? I faced the same problem and installing the Excel package solved the issue.


Any new on this I am encountering the same problem

Sorry I missed sanghapriyab’s post. The suggestion to install the Excel package looks like has worked I can now see Read CSV

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+1 to installing the Excel Package


That’s very helpful
Thank you…

yes, that really works
thannk you


Please follow below tutorial,


This works for me also, thank you!

Thanks first I installed CSV Helper… but installing this Excel library solved the problem for me :+1:

You need to search,as when you scroll through All Available packages you may get interpretation that only mentioned packages are available as pagination is not much explanatory.


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