Read Cell: StringConverter cannot convert from System.Double

Hi - I’m having an issue with Read Cell: StringConverter cannot convert from System.Double. I have an excel with two columns that will be pasted in Oracle, first column is the ID no. and other column is the description. I used “E”+intRow.ToString --> (where “E” is the column in Excel) and “F”+intRow.ToString --> (where “F” is another column) . My question or my issue encountered is after I add another Read cell and just add “G”+intRow.ToString --(additional column i would like to paste in Oracle) why there is an error? Hope anyone can help me please.


@Amber17 what type of values are present in G column? Also post screenshot of activity details where u getting this error.

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Hi @Manjuts90, thank you for the response ,. Column G is Order no. Capture . Process cannot proceed after Reading cell “F”.

@Amber17 Change variable type other type based on ur excel column and check once

Hi @Manjuts90, sorry i’m novice in uipath, the variable type you are referring to is Int32? instead of String? By the way, Column G is Number, is it right that I will not use intRow.ToString?

@Amber17 If your saying about “G”+intRow.ToString which is present in read cell name, i am talking about out variable of read cell activity. delete your current variable of it, recreate it with same datatype if it doesn’t work and Create same variable again with different datatype. I think this work. Check also value of intRow variable also once, If these things doesn’t work share ur workflow along with some sample data or share only sample data

Hi @Manjuts90, Good day. Please see screenshot. Hope you can help me…
Id No - Column E, Description -Column F, order No.-Column G, House No. - Column H(But not yet added to read cell, after I solved Order No (G), Ican proceed with column H since they have the same format (number)

If possible please share the workflow.

And you can also try making Order no as object type instead of string.

@Amber17 I think error is occurred is some other activity other read cell. Check in which activity your getting that blue icon in that sequence.

Hi Manjuts90, sorry that error is nothing, because before I do the screenshot I edited some fields to protect my file. I think that error is for Scope, I changed that to “Do” from the file name of my excel file. By the way, when I add letters to Order No.column in excel file, Uipath can proceed in running, but of course the fixed format is numbers only. So I think the problem is just the variable type or this “G”+intRow.ToString which I did’nt know how to solve because of my little knowledge in uipath.

Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri, Thank you for the reply. I changed Order no as object but still have error.

Please share the error screenshot.

Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri, this is the error, it always referring/pointing to Activity Read cell for “G” column, while the column “E” and “F” has no problem.


@Amber17 sample workflow along with sample excel data, if data is confidential just alter data and share it, it will be helpful in solving this problem.

Change OrderNo type as “UiPath.core.GenericValue” instead of “string” type.:grinning:

If still you are facing the problem, in excel select column “G”, format as Text type (Right Click > Format > Text)


Issue is uipath is reading the value of G column as double and here it is assigned to string variable as @Vivek_Arunagiri said you can follow that or just change the output of readcell of God column to double.


To @Manjuts90 and @Divyashreem, thank you also for your suggestion . I really appreciate all your replies.

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Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri Thank you very much for your good suggestion. my problem has been solved (with flying colors). Thank you thank you

Great. If you got solution please mark it as solved. :grinning: