Read multiple pdf files from a folder

I am new to uipath and creating my first sample project where I would like to read multiple fields from multiple pdf files. I have started by using select folder, extracting the file paths using Directory.GetFiles. Then I read each item in the list of files i get. How do i perform the get text for reading a particular field from all the pdfs and storing it in an excel. Kindly help.

You can try below way (pdf text or pdf text ocr) to get text from pdf to a string and manipulate the string.

You can manupulate the string using split,substring to get into a datatable to export to excel.(write range)

@vvaidya Thank you.
Below is how I am trying to do it.

The pdf files are not being read unless they are open in the backgroud. Also, I am trying to read two pdf files but only one value is showing twice in the output. Furthermore nothing is getting written in the excel. Would you be able to help?

  1. if you want to read a specific text in the PDF file you can use open application or start process and use the scraping to read the file.Read PDF text reads the entire PDF file based on specified range.
  2. I think because the value is stored in the selector , you are getting the same value every time.check the selector once. You need to have a dynamic selector that will fetch value for every pdf.
    3)Where are you writing the value to the datatable, create a column in build datatable activity outside for each and add row activity after the get text activity to insert value into datatable.

Thank you for your solution @vvaidya ,
is it possible to read Table from a pdf?

Are you passing in quotes or as a string variable?

Select folder does not have input path, so are you passing the path to Output?

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