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Hello All,
I have created a workflow in which I am reading a specific sheet from all the excel files available in that folder.
But while running the bot gets stuck and stays stuck after opening the excel file and navigating to the excel sheet which is required for infinite duration.
What should I do.
Over here I have attached only one… But I also need a solution to go through the same process for multiple Excel files…
Main.xaml (18.5 KB)
Input-SEZZZ.xlsx (24.6 KB)


Did you try with read range workbook activity?


Hey @Pranay_Kumar_Bose ,

I have done some modifications in your Xaml File and i have attached it below
New (24.0 KB)

It worked well for me after the modification
Below is the output screenshot

Hope it helps you!

Its not working in my m/c…
Same result i.e getting stuck after opening the excel file

Can you please elaborate… cuz my rest of the workflow is using read range workbook only…

I don’t know whether I can achieve my requirement using the Classic once…


Read range workbook activity is to read the excel from backend it would not opwn only

Are you facing any issues with it as well?


Hey @Pranay_Kumar_Bose , I guess you are facing difficulties because of versions of modern excel activities or something cause it worked fine in my environament
So i have modified your workflow using workbook activities instead of modern activities
Please find the file below
New (24.7 KB)

hope it helps you

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@Pranay_Kumar_Bose , Adding on to it , I’ve noticed that you have 2 sheets which contains the name “Unbilled”

So it gives the output of last sheet in the workbook containing the name “Unbilled”

If you want the first sheet which contains the word “Unbilled”
Then after read range you can use an Break activity such that the loop gets stopped and doesn’t iterate further
Like the screenshot below

Hope it helps you out

Happy Automation!

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Sorry for Late Reply…
Thanks @Vikas_M, this is working well and is fulfilling my requirements.
Also, Thanks for the explanation regarding 2 Unbilled Sheets… I have used the break since I needed the first only
Marking It as solution for Thread closure

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