Restart robot in exception try catch

Hi there.
I have a robot who navigate to some page, do the login and then checks some page every x time in a while loop. Sometimes I’ve get an error and I catched in a try catch sentence. In this situation I need to restart the hole process, the robot. In this way , the robot will be able to navigate, do the login and execute the loop again. But I don’t know how can i stop the actual and start it again



I think there a couple of approaches to this.

Retry Scope will let you do a section of your process over again if an Exception is thrown or you can also identify your own boolean with the Expression activities.

If you are using a Flowchart structure, you can set a boolean value to a variable in the Catch, then run that boolean into a Decision and loop it back around if it’s set to true or failed on the website and needs to repeat. (just make sure you reinitialize the variable each time)