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Hai @arivu96 @KarthikByggari @Vivek_Arunagiri @nadim.warsi,

I’m working on the UiDemo performer and in the Process Transaction I have created a flowchat to which I have given a condition like changing the transactions by " Double.TryParse" method.
While debugging, the whole value is converted into the single value ( ex: If there is a CahIn=124.02 after the condition it is changing into CashIn=12402.00).

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The condition should return boolean.
Can you print the values out post it?

Is the decimal seperator is ‘.’ in your excel application?


Can you share your workflow please.

Main.xaml (52.2 KB)

@KarthikByggari Is there any Update !!?

I will update you on this today…

The attached workflow is just the framework template.
Can you please attach the complete zip folder.

can u just tell me your mail id. I’ll forward it to you.

Please check your email and let me know if it works or not.
Adding the xaml file for reference.Process.xaml (26.5 KB)

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