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I’m starting to start a project on RE Framework but in my project there is no need of orchestrator soo my question is it needed to disable all the connections of the orchestrator with the Re framework ? If yes then how to disable all the connections with the uipath orchestrator what are the settings I have to enable to disconnect the orchestrator with the RE framework every help is appreciated

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all the places that you find the variable type as queue must be updated with datatable :slight_smile:

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Okkk only that’s it?


You should also delete Get transaction data activity . Get asset activity


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ok is there is any customized REframework is available to work

Hi @Chetan1

Yes there is a customized one for datatable…

RPA Components - Bundles, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace


Glad to know this @Lahiru.Fernando!
I was thinking of making a template myself. Most often than not, we use DataTables.

thanks for the pointer :slight_smile:

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