Re-Framework: Processes vs Performer

Hi there!

I have few questions I need help on them please assist.

  • Is it best to Create a Queue (not queue item) manually from orchestrator or from Robot using API?

  • Is is best to have Dispatcher and Performer as separate processes or as one process?

  • When you have a process that does not have/involve queues such as reporting, how do you use Re-Framework on that?

  • Do I need to use Re-Framework for Dispatcher?

Hello @wilbardmtei,

I’m not the most exprerienced but here are my 2cts with some arguments. Please note I’ll try the Background Process and Global Handler next month as I won’t mess with “core” approach in the middle of projects:

  • I create my Queues from Orchestrator:

    • OrchestratorQueueName is dependant from its exectution’s environment
    • Process is executed in the environment it is told to
    • I deal with environments from Orchestrator
    • I manage my Queues from Orchestrator (Privilge, triggers, etc.)
  • I use a dispatcher for all process using OrchestratorQueue.

    • Allows distribution, planning, etc.
  • I use REF even when no OrchestratorQueue involved

    • BUT You might consider background process
    • I switch from OrchestratorQueue/QueueItem to DataTable/DatarRow as instructed in documentation folder of your REF project .
  • I do use the REF for dispatchers, set tests, reports, logs, etc

    • S***t happen
    • BUT you might consider background process
    • All members of the team are very familiar with the REF
    • REF actually handles many issues
    • As I don’t have to spend time on boilerplate I can focus more on the actual process
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Thanks @msan

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