Re-Framework- Excel with Multiple Sheets

Hi All,

I need to configure ReFramework in such a way that it accesses an Excel file which has multiple sheets and each sheet has certain number of rows that needs to be inserted into an application further.

Attached sample sheet.


Hi @Harshad_Jadhav

Do all the three sheets contain same data or different data i.e Is it the same data separated in three sheets or each sheet have different columns?

Hi @Harshad_Jadhav , Steps to do this -

1 - Read excel file and get all sheets in Array - Init State
2 - Iterate on the basis of each sheet (strArray.ElementAt(TransactionNumber)) and out dt for respective sheet from Get Transaction.
3 - Pass out dt to process and start processing each record one by one.

To get REFramework on excel instead of queue, watch below video -
It’s REFramework is on GitHub also, you can get it from video description.

only few columns are common rest all are different

Hi Manoj…

Sorry for reverting late… Get Sheets just returns name of sheets which cant be used in Read Range for getting data in DT.

Can you please elaborate more on 1st & 2nd point ?

especially 2nd point.

When you read all sheets and start passing it as a transaction then in Read range activity you have to pass strArray.ElementAt(TransactionNumber) or you can assign it’s value to some variable and pass it in sheet name.
Ex - sheetname = strArray.ElementAt(TransactionNumber)

Now In first iteration it will pass “a” and start reading data for sheet “a” and in second trx it will pass “b” and start reading sheet “b” data and so on.

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