REFramework Loop through multiple sheets

Lets say I have a workbook that has 2 sheets. I need to read in the first sheet, go through and complete each row, and write the results back into that specific sheet and move to the next. How can I accomplish this using the framework. My 2 initial ideas:

  1. Have a sequence that calls the framework with TransData set to the first sheet and then moves to the second sheet
  2. When shouldStop is set to true, set it back to False and set the transData to the second sheet and continue process. Once it finishes the second sheet, process is also done.

Thoughts? Am I missing an easier solution?

hi @mkkajtez,

How about Reading Both the Excels at once , creating a MasterDataTable having both the excels Data… and then invoking RE framework with consolidated Data.


The problem is writing the results back if I have one master DT. I need sheet one DT to write results back to sheet one, and sheet two DT to write results back to sheet two.

Okay , I am sure there are more optimal solutions beside this :slight_smile:

we can do one thing -

  1. we can have the Master Datatable with 2 additional column - say BelongsTo and Status

  2. When adding the Data to the MasterDataTable - we Fill the column BelongsTo with 1 or 2 depending on from which Excel they are filled.

  3. During Processing - If the transaction is Success - we update the Status column to True /False.

  4. At End , we can use this the status Column and BelongTo Column in MasterDatatable to do the further processing.