RE Framework 1st project

Hi Everyone,

I am new to RE framework.
I have gone through the Videos but in real time i find it bit difficult to implement.

I am having a project to be built using RE framework. I have written the logic in a sequence.
How shall i implement in RE?

Ok let me ask the questions one by one.
step1: Open the SAP, as below

Then select the Environment - QRH, as below

Login to SAP:

Step2: I have to open an excel file and read it (i will keep it in DT)
So in Config - file how to give the path in to “Data\Config.xls”

Please help me.
This may seem to be very small. But as a beginner in RE i am fining it bit challanging.

My logic which i did is in sequence:

Please help me out.


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Please go thru the REF manual to understand briefly -

REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)


I have gone through this document and also the video in Academy in Level3 Advance.
This document we get once we create the RE Project.

I have seen and understood how the flow happens , exception handling etc.
The skeleton of RE i saw in Main.

I am kind of stuck here.
Where i should give the path of other excel file(i.e i am having another excel file - ship.xlsx) how to invoke it in initsettings.xaml

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You can define it in the config sheet as below (Just a sample), and then you can define it accordingly in your workflow

Paths to applications and files/folders are to be added in the Config.xlsx
You dont have to invoke the file in the InitAllSetting.
Once you will add the entry into the config file you will have a Name-Value pair(you are aware about dictionaries)
so where ever you want to use the value you will use in_Config(“ShipFile”),ToString and you will get the path. For instance in excel application scope.

Finally to understand i am going though existing thread.

I got following doubts:

  1. Why are they checking for dictionary? Config

  2. And they did read range - took the entire sheet to the DT.
    So now they are only adding the - Key(“name”) then when are they gonna add the value???
    from excel i can see they are reaing the value column, and putting it in to the Name.

    So how shall i see both Key and value from this dictionary - out_Config???

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To check if the value is not empty. If its not empty that means it will not read the file again.

They are using the name column on the ight and the value on the left to assign one row with one key-value

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