RE frame work

i am trying to send emails using smtp from REframe work in my work flow no errors is there executed mails where not send

please help me

@prashanth_reddy Can you tell us what are you trying to perform ?

Also let us know where have you used the Send SMTP Mail Activity.

Accordingly if you provide details of what is happening in the Init State, Get Transaction State and Process State, We could understand and help in a better way.

i used smtp in process state

linear work flow in intstate i jest did kill proccess excel

after that directly i invoked my work flow in process state .

in process state

@prashanth_reddy Can you Debug the Workflow and Check if the Control enters the Process State ?

Or you can use a Message Box / Write Line at the Beginning and End of the Process State to verify the same.

Let us know after you have performed the needed operations.

but there is no errors coming robot runs with any errors mails where not going


@prashanth_reddy Can you send your workflow for analyzing ?

help me bro

@prashanth_reddy As Mentioned above, can you send the workflow for analyzing and maybe we’ll be able to correct it and provide you the corrected workflow.

Also let us know if the Excel that you are reading has rows in it or if it is empty.

Only by Debugging we would be able to get a clear Idea as to where the workflow actually moves in and will be find out the respective values of the variables.

thank you for replaying