Not able to send Mail

Hi All

Send SMTP Mail Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Getting this error

Can anyone help…?

you are very likely missing to initialize the variable. double-check the variables.

Hi @sachin_hu

As @whitestar Suggestion, Have you declare all the variable and Argument in the workflow.

May be Excel is not read correctly. Check it out

@whitestar @Gokul001 When i’m Giving Hardcode in SMTP property its working fine but when i’m config values facing this issue

try debugging the excel SMTP value in writeline to see the value. may be the data is not reading properly from excel

Hi @sachin_hu

Have you get all the data from the config file. Check the values is passing or not to the activity

yes all data in config file

Share the screenshot of your XAML file

this were i have invoked it

Have you checked this in debug mode to see if the Key which are using for SMTP server details is actually present or not in the Dictionary?

Hi @sachin_hu,

Please check if your in_Config values in Studio are exactly the same as the values written in the Config file, its case-sensitive.

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Yes its already present