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Done, but I got like 8 captchas during writing my review, so annoying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Never seen any other site nagging me so hard to prove that I am not a bot.

I did send my review on Friday morning (around 7:30 CST) but got no gift card. Were they already gone?

Sorry for this experience, I’ll make sure to send all the feedback that I got from you :slight_smile: Thank you for your time!

Hi Edwin, thank you for your time in writing the review. Please allow up to 3 business days for your review to be approved, once it will be approved, you’ll get your gift card via email.
Thank you!

I wrote a thorough and descent review but it has been in moderation for a week since. I guess they’re not willing to give out any gift cards. Can’t even edit or delete my review unless I speak with support staff. A clever tactic to fool users into collecting as many reviews as they can without giving out any prizes. I’m presuming that your title will never change from “ONLY 47 Gift cards left!” :smile:

Hi there, sorry, I’ve missed this thread! @private_matter can you please send me an email with your request? In this way I will be able to identify you. Regarding the “only 47 gift cards left” I can not update this daily, only to announce when the campaign it’s ending, this is not something that I can control. Thank you!

@Dana_Mustatea This is the last message from me on open forum that please stop harassing the user by giving some fake updates etc from your partner. I never wanted to put the details here . See the pain which I shared by my mail raveenasingh@tutamail.com . Really in future although I use UiPath but will never suggest someone to review for it and waste his/her time @mateuszmacheta

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! As mentioned in my emails, with the G2 team included, you now have the opportunity to send them again the evidence that they require, to demonstrate that you’re using UiPath products. This is a process that not depends on me and they are directly issuing you the gift card, once everything it’s clear in terms of eligibility. Please keep an eye on your inbox and feel free to get in touch with them directly, with me CC’ed. Unfortunately, I can not change their approval process and I can not issue you a gift card from their platform, this is something automatically made by them. I’ll also send them a reminder, with you CCed. Thanks!