**Rate UiPath to get a $25 VISA gift card!**

CAMPAIGN ENDED Guys, I need you help again :slight_smile: Let’s make this campaign a big one! :stuck_out_tongue:

:dart: We are committed to providing our customers with a fantastic experience, and your ‌feedback helps us make that possible. I’ll be grateful if you can take a few minutes from your day in order to complete a review on UiPath, sharing your overall experience.


  • Deadline: Nov 23rd
  • Rewards: The first 200 reviewers of UiPath will get a $25 Visa.com‌ gift card. The gift card will be issued by the G2 team, right after you’ll receive their approval email
  • If you already wrote a review on G2, you can not write another one, by using the same account
  • Users from UiPath partners’ companies are not eligible.
  • Please be sure to use your LinkedIn or your business email for validation . These will not be used/ sold to third parties but help verify your experience with UiPath’s products.

Great promotion, dont mind writing a review for such a good software :slight_smile:


May I know, where this review should be written

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@Dana_Mustatea Hi Dana. I have rated Uipath and received a $25 VISA gift card as said. But I am not able to use it for any online transactions. The card is activated and tried multiple merchants and it’s not working. I have 2 gift cards which I cannot use. Any suggestions?

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Hi there, have you tried today as well? I know that there where some problems few days ago. Also, can you please tell me if the voucher it’s from G2 or Garnter? Thank you!

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I tried today and it doesn’t work. One of the voucher I got this month or the latest is from G2, other one I dont remember. Any advice?

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Thanks, @Dana_Mustatea, I have just received $25 Visa Gift card from G2.

Here is the published review.



Not lucky enough. I signed up with my corporate email. Never got the verification email. By the time I get it, I guess I will be far behind the first 200.

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I tried paying credit card bill using this in USA and got rejected.
Tried paying for food online in Canada, also rejected!
Any idea where we can use it?


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hi there, please take a look here too: 12 Things to Try if Your Visa Gift Card is Not Working | Giftcards.com
also - if you can send me via email at dana.mustatea (@) uipath.com the error and the provider from which you’ve received the gift card, I’ll be more than happy to help you. Thanks!

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Hi @Dana_Mustatea, I have gone through the link and tried activating the gift card. None of the cards are passing that, error as below:

Sorry Dana I dont have any screenshots of the error for all the previous tries I made. But I do remeber some of it, like below:

  • Card details doesnot match
  • Invalid Card
  • This card cannot be linked

etc etc …

Is this card region specific? It would have been much helpful if region specific gift cards are provided on their currency or as amazon giftcards…

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Tried it, but it seems the first 40 will be rewarded, so I am not getting my hopes up!

Lucky Uipath,lucky user

submitted review today

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Submitted the review and got the gift card …

Thank you for sharing :nerd_face: