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Until April 5th, the first 100 reviewers of UiPath on Gartner Peer Insights will receive a 25$ Gift Card.


  • If your review will be approved within the first 100 ones, you will receive the gift card directly from the Gartner team as a Thank You for contributing with a detailed, balanced, complete review
  • UiPath team is not involved in the Gartner approval process for your reviews or issuing the giftcards

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Hi Team,
My review got approved and have received the reward to redeem the link.Could you help me out…
But the problem is I am unable to redeem the reward from the link as Virtual VISA gift card and get the below message:
There are no redemption options available in your country …( I am from India)

I have contacted the Predigital systems and below is the response:
Your account has been reviewed and is not in compliance with the bank’s policies associated to your card. For further assistance, please contact your program sponsor.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thank you,
Prepaid Customer Support

Helpful Hint: The program sponsor is the company you participated with who validated your incentive. The first communication you received, concerning the incentive participation, would have come from your program sponsor.

I have the same problem as you.
I am from VietNam

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DearTuan Anh,

I have been following this up for over a week but no luck…’
Were you able to redeem by any chance…

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hello all - thanks for your patience - I had some days off. I’ll loop this issue to our Gartner account manager, to solve this. Please send me the approval email you got from Gartner at dana.mustatea(@)uipath.com
Thank you!

Great Initiative received my reward at friday :smiley:

Dear @Dana_Mustatea ,
Please check the approval email from Gartner that I forwarded to you.


Dear Dana,

I have forwarded the approval mail to your email id.

Thanks and Regards,
Geetishree Rao