Random Execution Outcomes

Why is it that the execution of a sequence is so random, under the same starting conditions? I have this sequence programmed and the outcomes of the steps are so variable. It is somewhat like 20% success, 20% error on step X, 30% error on step Y, 15% error on step Z, 15% error on step W.

This makes it so hard and time consuming to implement and test “simple” automations.

Without additional information it’s difficult to give any suggestion, but usually this kind of “random” errors are the result of not so robust selectors. If the selector being used varies and those changes are not taken into consideration, then you’ll get inconsistent behavior like that.

What kind of automation are you trying to do? What kind of error do you get?

I scheduled the robot to work overnight, so that I can collect statistics on which errors and how often.

I will look at the selectors, thank you for the suggestion.