On click fails randomly

I have a process that loops through multiple times. Each time the same steps are performed, however randomly 1 step (always the same step) is not executed on a different loop round, which causes the next step to fail. It’s failed on loop 3, loop 4, loop 10 and has also completed successfully (this is using exactly the same data within my test environment).

The step in question is a click activity to click onto a tab on a webpage - the activity evidently is created ok (as it often works), I’ve added a small delay before this step to allow time for the webpage to load. Makes no difference.

If it failed on the same loop around I could start to pinpoint the issue, but the randomness has got me stumped!

Ive uploaded a screenshot of the offending step as a reference

Hi @MrRobotics

I think it is selector issue

Kindly check the selector and correct it


Nived N

Happy Automation

When I validate the element using the selector editor - it is alway valid, even though it has just failed to execute the step!

Try adding a Highlight element activity in the sequence before the click. Usually, it works more reliably. I had issues with a similar application, and I managed to resolve it using Highlight element followed by click.

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This hasn’t worked. First time it completed ok, second time failed on the 6th loop round

Any other ideas?

Did u check at that step is the selector is validating?

Yes it is always valid, even after failing.

While Highlight Element is enabled any element on the screen is getting highlighted while it is failing under debug mode?
Also share the selector if possible, may be a case of selector not being completely available before the click is performed. Give a try with WaitForReady to complete/Interactive.

Sorry, that I wasn’t clear before. I wasn’t talking about “Highlighting” in Debug mode. Rather, I was talking about Highlight Element activity in Studio.