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I put raise alert activity in a flowchart and published that project to orchestrator.After that while running it from orchestrator, got Microsoft.rest.HttpOperationException and description as Raise Alert: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Forbidden’ .Is it related to admin access ?Could anyone help me on this ? I have attached the screen as well


Hi @SathisKG

Are you connected to Orchestrator?

See this


Yes @PrankurJoshi i connected to orchestrator and ran it from orchestrator oly.i refered that document also, as per the document it should have view,edit,delete rights for alerts for corresponding user.My user is admin and it has access rights for all

I attached the below images for ur reference

Hey Satish,

Small Note: The role (usually Robot is the name of the role) that is set to your robot (from where the project is executed) need to have all the permissions mentioned in the document


I tried it and it is working fine. Try to change the Severity to error or fatal. Run from studio and see if alert comes to Orchestrator notifications


hi @Dominic pls refer my previous screen shot ,my user is a admin so by default he has the access

Facing similar erorr, any resolution for the same ?

Anyone have a solution for the latest version of Portal? I’m getting the same error with Raise Alert.

I don’t see Roles in the Portal UI.

EDIT: Found it. I was on the Portal-wide users page. There’s another users page, which is specific to your service.

Go to:

Services > [YourServiceName] > Your profile icon (the circle in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) > Users

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