Radio button selector issues

iam trying to select one radio button …nd my input is coming from the queue and i need to select one radio button … but my uiexplorer is showing “ROWNAME” is showing all the radio buttons which i have … iam unable to pass the input

is ther any solution plz let me know

I see that the ID in the case of the 3rd radiobutton is “PatientType_3”. If the other IDs are “PatientType_1”, “PatientType_2” and “PatientType_4” you can pass the number as a variable (keeping “PatientType_” as a fixed string) and use this trick to click on the right button.

In the upper left pane you see the HTML structure. You can scroll down to where the active selector is, and navigate within the HTML structure to dig down farther and get to the individual buttons. Then right-click one of them and set it as the target. That’ll give you a selector for the actual value, and then you can replace part of it with a variable.