Radio button click

ı want to click radio button after that ı want to click “detay görüntüleme” button, ı want to do for each one
which activity should ı use?

Hi @burcu_argun

I am not sure what selectors are available for you, but I would try the Click activity with a dynamic anchor based on the value next to the checkbox.

You can first indicate the checkbox, and then indicate the anchor next to it:

Afterwards, you should find the part of the selector that contains the value from the column and replace it with a variable.

Last step would be to have a list of values, for example in an Array of String, through which you could loop using the For Each activity. This way you will be able to click every checkbox from the list.

Naturally, this will only work if the application provides nice selectors.

Hi @burcu_argun

First get each selector of each radio button
And check idx value or some property getting changed based on that use get attribute activity and pass the property as checked and use click activity