Quick question?

Here is the argument :face_with_monocle:

Hi @170290064

Can you check if your config file has a key value pair for KillProcess?

Yes Sir!

can you check whether the value in_config(“Killprocess”).tostring by using log message above the for each
or check it in immediate

Hi @170290064 ,

Can you put a breakpoint on the for each and debug the workflow. Check if the in_config(“KillProcess”).Split(";"c) has values in the immediate panel?


This is in the For Each :exclamation:

the error is showing that there is no value in in_config(“Killprocess”).tostring
thats why please check the value before for each if value is there then the error will resolved


Share the workflow other wise

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But how come ??? There are values in the config file :thinking:

you can try like this I have taken example of chrome and excel

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Thanks a lot!