Queues - Due date and Deadlines


I see in the queueitem properties DueDate, but not DeadlineDate, and in Add Queue Item we have Deadline and not Due Date. Are these one and the same?

I also note that the property of DueDate returns a nullable Date, not a datetime?

My process needs to throw a business exception if the deadline has passed for processing.


This is inconsistency in terminology. DueDate = Deadline


Short Answer - looks like Yes

Refering to the swagger docu (V15)

get Queue Item

Add Queue Item

Cross Check Docu Add Queue Item:

And a practical Test:
Using Add queue item . Deadline: now.AddDays(2)




My logic check will therefore be (for others lookingfor this answer) transactionItem.DueDate isnot nothing andalso transactionItem.DueDate.value < system.datetime.now

Kindly note: that the dateTime stored in ORC is different to your local time zone. we can see:

Yes, our orc server (on-prem) runs 3 minutes behind. However, as the dispatcher also runs from the same machine as the performer, these should align?

In any case, for our purposes this should be close enough, and I’d prefer the readability of “today” and “now” over references to UTC!

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