Queue name as argument in Re Framework

How to pass input argument (queue name) in queue based trigger bot to pick specific transactions from queue : I’ve defined both queues names in Config file.

We have two queues and performer will be setup as queue based trigger based on their bots allocation.


What’s your condition?

You can take the bots username to take the queue?

If so you can place IF condition as below


Hope this help you


@Srini84 : In Get transaction activity, bot picks transaction from specified queue (mentioned in Config file).

What if we have two different queues names?

I thought to solve this by passing queue name as argument in unattended automation.

As I mentioned, Performer bot is setup as queue based trigger. Each queue is allocated with their respective bots so no need to use if else conditions.

Whenever any transaction is added to respective queues , performer bot will be triggered and pick new transaction available.

Question is how to pick transactions by performer bot due to two queues.

I found the solution to pass Queue name as input parameters in this case.

For queue 1, Performer job will pick transaction as per queue name provided in Config file.

For queue 2, Performer Job will pick transaction as per queue name provided as input parameters.

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