Get QueueName when a Queue is Triggered

Hi Uipathians,

I have 3 queues(region1,region2 and region3) which will be populated with queue items by a dispatcher run. Queue items are populated based on the region name(1,2,3).

If an item is added to any of these queue a performer(which is same for all) needs to be triggered.

Is it possible to get the queue name from which the job is triggered to get the queue items in the performer?

For eg. if queue region1 is triggered, region1 name has to be passed on as a parameter or in some other means to the performer for further processing.

Please help on this.


Hi @shanmugam.baskaran ,

I am not sure about how you are planning to retrieve the Queue Item in the performer process, but you may be using a Multiple “Get Transaction Item” or “Get Queue Items” to get the queue Items from Different Queues and then maybe combine them and pass it on to the Process part.

Nevertheless, from the Queue Item or Transaction Item, we should be able to Get the Queue Name as in the below Expression.

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Assuming you have a separate dispatcher and performer script:

If you have 3 queues, and populating the queues triggers a performer (using orchestrator queue-triggers) you would have 3 separate triggers. If you provide the main.xaml with an input argument, you can proide that value from within each separate trigger. You then have the value available during the script before a queueitem itself is picked up.

If you have a hybrid solution, where the dispatcher is executed in the init phase, and the performer immediately after, you don’t need to bother with the triggers like that, and can use what @supermanPunch menstioned by using QueueItem.QueueName.

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