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I have a doubt in my queues what happening means I have a excel sheet or workbook in their data is transcations ID’s so the transcations I’d is may be come the same id again.

Transcation I’d
If duplicate 4 is have the same transcations id I won’t do that one so I want to remove thar duplicate in queue orchestrator??? How??? I don’t want to do it in Excel inwant to do it in orchestrator queue
Cab you explain me briefly this???

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Is there not an option to make queue items unique when creating the queue initially?

Ohh there is no to remove duplicate items in queue. There is the only way to remove data from excel sheet only

What you can do is when creating the queue item utilise the reference column in the queue and maybe put a timestamp then when querying the queue use the reference column to decide which one to delete?

Can you explain this one briefly please :pleading_face:
I am not
Yet understand!!!

I want to do it in this reference properties in add queue item activity??? Time stamp means???

Hi @siva_sankar. You can achieve this in the queue settings upon creation. Set the Unique Reference to Yes. Please see image below:

After enabling that setting, you can use try catch activity inside your Add Queue Item Activity.

Hope this helps.

You could use something like ‘now()’ which will put the current timestamp in the reference column for that queue item in the queue.

I’m a bit confused though - are you saying that you have 2 queue items of transaction 1.s20.1154 and 4.a20.1154 and one is ‘Successful’ and one that is ‘New’?

Are you saying that you just want to remove all duplicate transactions from the queue?

As I mentioned originally - when creating the queue you can set the queue to only allow unique items.

Yes correct

Ohh that’s great!!!
I want to put add queue item in try catch block activity mean while in add queue item property reference is their right i want to give their also yes or leave it empty

Just put a log message in the catch block. The reference would be the Transaction IDs.

If this helped, kindly mark my previous message as the solution. Thanks.

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Surely my original message was the solution?

@roy_r @jamago
Thank you both of you yours both solution j tried both is working perfectly once in add queue item reference coloum and once is orchestrator queue in reference column

Thank you guys

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