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I am assuming one hypothetical scenario that i have added dt containing 100 entries in the queue. before processing this entries, with certain condition again same dt of 100 entries added in the queue.

Is this scenario possible ? If possible then how to avoid it

any feedback from you will be appreciable

Well that’s possible if any Reference is not mentioned along the properties or add queue item, as that makes each queue item unique
Usually adding duplicates is not a good practice buddy

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I read many post related to reference property in add queue activity bt i didnt get what is exactly do n their use in real time. Can you help me in it

in general this is what is Reference is all about

in real time if we are using many duplicate records, in the queue in order to make it distinct we pass with some unique reference, so that they become unique by value
This helps us to avoid the records getting processed again and again and avoid such issues while working with performer and processing the queues items


Thank you so much for the reply @Palaniyappan
, so if my understanding is correct then we hv to add unique value in reference property.
Ex. I have many (duplicate entry possible)student record in excel. So i have to pass “row(rollno).tostring” in ref. Property. As a result queue store only unique roll no. Records and neglect duplicate record.

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Thanks again for your time n help

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