Queue a list variable

I need to include a list type variable (installationList) inside a dictionary (parameterDic) and then upload this parameterDic in a queue, with Add queue item. Can somebody help me?

Hi @Marisa_Ontiveros1

Queue does not support that. But alternately what you can do is to convert your list and dictionary using unique separators and then upload string to queue and when retreived again using those delimiters create you variables

eg: L1 =[1,2,3] and Dict{“L1”:[1,2,3]" then you can do something like this

Use loop to loop through all the keys in dict(item will be the key)

inside assign str = str + “|||” + item + “:::” + String.Join(“,”,dict(item))

comma is your list separator, ||| is your each dict item separator and ::: is your dictionary key value pair separator


we assume that parameterDict is to store at SpecificContent.

In such case we can often

  • serialize the dictionary to a JSON string
  • deserialize it later again back to the dictionary

Thank you did this work:

Dic(“installationList”)= JsonConvert.SerializeObject(installationList)

And then

Add queue item

Thank you

Serialize: JsonConvert.SerializeObject(installationList)
Then use the string and add it to the queueitem specificContent

Add Queue Item

Afterwards we deserialize:
JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of Dictionary(Of String, List(Of String)))(“YourJSONString”)

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