Get a list of a queue item

I have in orchestrator a queue item uploaded as a list installationList: [“2929000”,“2854400”]
It is contained within a dictionary parametersDic(“installationList”) Now I need to retrieve that queue item as a list or as an array to loop through each of the items.

I have done parametersDic(“installationList”)=transactionItem.SpecificContent(“installationList”).toString

Then I have de-realized it

parametersDic(“installationList”)=JsonConvert.DeserializeObject( parametersDic(“installationList”).ToString)

How to continue to be able to go through each element that has inside paramerterDic(“installationList”)?

Hi @Marisa_Ontiveros1 ,

There are some open points/clarifications that needs to be addressed first here. Are you serializing the list and then adding the searialized list to Queue ?

The dictionary parametersDic, what is it’s type ? It can have only one type. Either you could keep it as Dictionary(Of String,String) or Dictionary(Of String,String())

Or If you have other values which needs to be present as String, then you could keep the type of Dictionary as Dictionary(Of String,String) but when used in For Each you could perform the Deserialization of the string to a List type.
The Deserialization should be done in the below way :

JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of List(Of String))(parametersDic("installationList").ToString)

In the For Each Activity you could add the above statement as shown below :

Let us know if you are still facing issues.

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